Craig Vlahakis, Operation Manager, Chinatown Estate

Chinatown Estate

Chinatown Market is a substantial retail and market space housed within the core of Chinatown, providing retail space for specialist businesses within a key West End destination.

Situated in the heart of London's West End, our Estate comprises the Newport Sandringham development that stands on the site of the original Newport Market.

There is a long history of a market being on this site, and in the 18th century Newport was London's largest meat market*. With the influx of new immigrants from then British possession of Hong Kong, a new Chinatown of restaurants and shops became established in the West End district of central London from the 1950s onwards.

Since 1985 West End Chinatown has been the focus for Britain's Chinese New Year Celebrations and has established a reputation for world-class Chinese cuisine.

Map of the Chinatown Estate Location Chart of the Chinatown Estate Location

The Chinatown Estate has undergone significant regeneration since its acquisition. Chinatown Zone is intended to bring Chinatown into the 21st Century, securing its future as a leading destination for tourists, diners, shoppers, and partygoers, enhancing its heritage as a market and its distinctive character.

The Zone is a major new development launched in 2007 houses an international food court, bars and retail markets, marking a new era in this famous landmark's history. The development has been extended by some 38,000 sq. ft. of space, intended primarily for specialist retailers and food outlets.


We aim to realise the Prince's Trust Chinatown redevelopment proposals. In partnership and through joint venture we seek to acquire neighbouring properties to expand the Chinatown Estate.

Our vision is to connect Chinatown with Charing Cross Road to further increase presence of and footfall. We seek to inspire positive regeneration for the Charing Cross Road, to making a powerful symbolic statement about the relationship between East and West whilst growing the opportunity to launch key leisure, dining and entertainment venues which will be actively managed by the Group.

There are further plans to create a Cultural Centre and Chinese Theatre on the Estate, to make Chinatown the ultimate landmark and secure its future success.

* English Heritage, Survey of London: Vols 33 & 34

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