Social Responsibility

Business exists in competitive and changing markets, which means that all our employees and tenants must make significant contributions to our business success and add value in every conceivable manner.

As a leading property developer specialising in urban regeneration, and with large urban Estates, Bourne Capital takes its responsibility to value everyone as individuals very seriously. We believe strongly in the idea of a ‘community’ and our developments and operated businesses are intended to enhance the sense of community in their respective areas. As the world’s most international city, London has attracted a wealth of people from diverse backgrounds and we work hard to ensure our developments are representative of this.

We are also committed to our responsibility to ensure our projects work towards the sustainability of the places that they inhabit. Our development projects are sensitive to the heritage and environment of not only our own sites, but also the surrounding areas.

By actively managing our estates and developments and by operating our own businesses from them we not only create a strong communications link with our clients and local communities, but we prove just how committed we are to these areas.

We are proud to say that we have successfully regenerated a number of important landmarks that once faced the threat of sad endings, But now, under our guidance, they are thriving with increasing energy and vitality.

Environmental Responsibility

As a major property group we realise that by leading by example we can encourage other businesses to work towards protecting ourselves from climate change and decreasing our impact on the environment. Our primary environmental objective is to reduce our carbon footprint on all our Estates and with all of our operated businesses. Every year we make marked progress through the constant assessment of our operations.

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