Tadhg Flanagan, Group Managing Director

About Bourne Capital

Bourne Capital* is a leading active property management and leisure operations group with four major London Estates and a portfolio of highly successful leisure businesses.

Our focus is on enhancing our portfolio asset value and maximising income through active property management.

Bourne Capital comprises five distinct divisions.

Commercial Property

The Commercial Property Division develops, owns, and actively manages four Central London Estates. Created through the acquisition of adjoining properties, all four Estates feature both tenanted lettings and group-operated businesses. The latter forms the commercial heart of each estate, and benefits directly from the regeneration of the area.


Within each of the Estates, the Leisure Division creates, owns, and operates anchor leisure operations. These businesses are specifically tailored to the area and community in order to increase footfall to the Estate. We generate positive cash flow to reinvest into the Estate, driving long-term capital growth.

The Leisure Division also conceives, owns, and operates highly successful leisure businesses outside of the key Estates as and where it sees substantial opportunities for substantial returns.

Residential Property

The priority of the Residential Property Division is to generate and maximise short-term gains in the mid to prime market in London. By focusing on the best properties in the most desirable London boroughs, risk is minimised and gains are maximised.

Special Opportunities

The Special Opportunities Division exists to take advantage of the current uncertainties in the commercial and residential property sectors. Through our Special Opportunities Fund, we have strengthened our relationships with major Banks, Institutions, and Joint Venture Partners by employing active management to deliver stability and growth.

* Bourne Capital is the generic name given to the trusts and companies associated with Robert Bourne and his direct family

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