Collins Music Hall

Situated on the Islington Estate, the Collins Music Hall is part of an important regeneration project in Islington Green currently being carried out by Bourne Capital. The new theatre, to open in 2010 will contain an exciting array of restaurants, bars, and retail space, aimed at turning the Collins Music Hall into a popular entertainment hub, driving substantial footfall to our Islington Estate.

The theatre was originally founded by Sam Collins in 1862 before going on to become one of the most iconic music halls in Britain, featuring the likes of Charlie Chaplin before being destroyed by a fire in 1958. It tragically spent years being used as a timber yard before Bourne Capital acquired the property in the hope of bringing new vibrancy to the area and giving a great cultural asset back to Islington. Through a joint venture with FairBriar plc, we were able to begin realising this vision with the assistance of renowned urban architect, Piers Gough CBE.

Our vision for the Islington Estate, working in harmony with Islington Council is to create an important London cultural hub and to revitalise Islington Green. We aim to promote cultural festivals for the arts, supported by the services provided at the Collins Music Hall and its leisure facilities.